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Psychic Romance Love And Relationship Readings

original romance psychic

The Romance Psychic

About My Psychic Readings

I'm going to walk you through the steps of one of my Psychic
Romance Readings
because they are the majority of my psychic readings but
the same steps may apply to my psychic financial readings,
psychic spiritual readings, and others. I would like to think of my
 psychic readings as a three step process although you may just call me and ask
a direct psychic question
about someone or some circumstance.
In general however my psychic readings go pretty much like this.

Part 1 Answers - Psychic Answers To Your Questions

My psychic readings start by reading the thoughts, feelings,
 and intentions of others that you ask me about.
For example. You ask me a question such as, "I am in a relationship with a person
called (their name). How does he or she feel about our relationship"
I will at that point tell you that persons thoughts about you, where they feel the
relationship is at this point, where they feel it is going, and the general intent that the
 person has concerning the relationship. I can also answer other questions such as
why has contact slowed down?, why have they seemed to have pulled away?,
 if there has been a breakup will they come back?, and of course the level of feelings
they have for you. I can also answer just about any other questions of this type.
This is all very important so you know exactly what your situation is.
This gives you a starting point in your psychic reading with me.

Part 2 Predictions - What Your Future Holds On Your Current Path

Once we get the psychic answers to your questions, the feelings of the
other person you are asking about, and the intentions of that person
 we can then look at your future, and see what is going to happen and
where things are headed. These predictions are
based on both the thoughts, feelings and intentions of that person and of course
 future predictions based on my psychic gifts and my predictive abilities.
You will now know what is going to happen based upon the path that you are on.
 Now you have this valuable inside information,
previously unknown knowledge about the other person, and their feelings and
intentions concerning you as well as your predictive path and what your future holds.

The idea of a psychic reading however is to not only know what is ahead for you
based on the path you are on now, but also what is ahead
for you if and when you choose to make changes or slight adjustments
to your life and your predictive path.
At this point you will now know what is going on, and what will
happen based on no changes at all. Your future as it stands now so that if needed
you can change things for the better.

Part 3 Solutions - How To Make Things Better If Needed & Achieve Your Goal

Here is where the best part of a psychic reading from me comes into play.
The one thing you must keep in mind is that almost nothing is ever written in stone.
Sometimes just hearing a good psychic reading sets in motion changes by you that will
and can change your path and therefore your prediction. This is what I call
your predictive path or predictive pathways. In many cases by changing what
you do, how you act, and react you can change if needed the prediction or path
that you are on. There are also many techniques I can show you that will allow you to
even manifest the things you want. My "Spiritual Focus" lessons are
just one way I can help you to obtain things that you want in your life.
Psychic readings are meant to help you, and inform you but
by no means are all predictions written in stone to the point where you can not
 change something if you want. You make your future by what you
do in the present and psychic readings, real psychic readings, help you do just that.
 You can open up new predictive pathways and make your future different from
what is predicted based on the now and what will happen by doing or changing
something on your present path. This is the best part of my psychic readings.

If you change nothing than my initial predictions will be very accurate and what
I predict for you will come to pass. I am very accurate in my psychic readings.
However once you change something based
on your psychic reading, new predictive pathways and futures open up to you.
This is where a psychic reading with me can make all the difference.
Sometimes you just can not change something. There are certain predictions
or situations that can not be changed. If that is the case
I will tell you this so that you can make a decision based on that prediction.
It may be exactly what you want or it may be something you do not want.
Sometimes this means moving on, or just holding on, and giving things time to manifest.
In many cases however just by understanding what the other person is thinking
and feeling can allow you can make changes to your initial prediction for the better.
By changing the way you do things, act towards another person, react to another
understand what they need, and knowing their intent will allow you
 you to very quickly change the outcome of a situation, a friendship,
a relationship, a romance and even a marriage. Yes you can change your future.
You can make things better, you can in many cases get what or who you want to come closer, improve or reinstate contact with you, and change the way they are acting.

Warning: I am extremely honest and accurate in all my readings.
If you are not looking for the absolute truth, or you just want to hear something to
make you feel happy for the moment when it is nott there, then I am not the psychic for you.
I Am 100% Honest. No Sugar Coating And No Fairy Tale Stories.
Just The Real Answers, Predictions, & Solutions You Deserve

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Love And Light To All
Psychic Andrew
"The Romance Psychic"

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