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Psychic Astrology Readings

A psychic astrology reading can be described so many different ways.
each psychic or astrologist has their own unique way of doing things.
When it comes to astrology there are many different techniques involved and quite
a few methods. They range anywhere from a psychic astrology compatibility reading,
where you ask if you are compatible with another person based on your astrological
 signs, you can also have an astrological chart made, an astrological report and
many variants of the above. I have many years of experience with astrology.
I can do all of these however i do not offer them individually. Let me explain.
If in the course of a Psychic Reading with me you may ask about compatibility
based on astrological signs and I will tell you no problem,
if you ask about another issue such as finances, or meeting people and if your in
the best astrological position for a business venture or a party event, I can also do this.
If you want an astrological chart, or an astrological report than ask me about
them and we can discuss exactly what you need in this area to make sure you do
not waste your time or money on something you may not need or even really want.

With all that said let me also take a moment and explain to you my philosophy
and my experiences with astrology or psychic astrology readings.
Sometimes they can be quite accurate, but other times not so accurate.
Astrology has been used for thousands, actually millions of years in some way shape or
form to explain, to predict, or to enlighten, so I do not take it as an entertainment only type
of thing at all, and I do feel that at least once in your life you should have
your astrological chart done.

However it is not in my opinion as accurate as a psychic reading from a clairvoyant.
It is not even really a replacement. it has validity, but to a point
It is more of an in general addition, an extra maybe, and the fact is that some
people over the years have said that a person who is of one sign and a person of another is
just like oil and water and will not work out. I can tell you from doing over 15,000
psychic readings
or more that this is not always true. It can be in some cases, but do not
throw love or a chance at love away because one person has a particular sign and the
other has another sign that astrologically speaking does not match up well.

I can tell you of thousands of amazing clients that have astrological signs that I have
done psychic readings for that do not match, that are in great relationships, romances, and marriages. You have people that arre on the cusp of one sign or another, you have people
who just do not for one reason or another have the makeup of a person with their sign.
Leo's for example are strong leaders as far as astrology suggests, but sometimes
they are not. Libras tend to think things out allot as astrological suggestions may say,
but I have met and had psychic readings with many Libra's
that can make up their mind in a moment.

So please, take my word and experience when I say that astrology is a nice
guide to have as an addition to many other spiritual or psychic readings, but do not make
serious choices or decisions based on this alone. In combination with a
great psychic reading, or with other knowledge of the person
 astrology can be helpful, but not on it's own.
Please take it with a grain of salt. I feel that all I have just stated
is the very best reason to ask me about
an astrology reading, or have me prepare your astrology chart, astrological report
or a psychic astrological compatibility reading for you.
That reason is because I have the expertise to do so, the experience to know the
weight of such things, and the honesty and integrity to tell
you what is real and what applies to your life and maybe the the other person in your life.

I perform psychic readings to help people. I am very honest, even blunt at times
and I am this way because it is truly what you deserve when you are getting a psychic reading
or advice from someone who you are looking to for help.
When wanting to know about someone, or something in your life that is very
important you need to know that you will get honesty and accuracy.

 I do not tell fairytale stories if there is no fairytale to be had.
I can tell you what is ahead for you and
 help guide you, and in my psychic readings tell you what
the other is thinking and feeling about you. I can and will convey to you
without hesitation the real outcome of a situation. I can if possible help you to change or
alter an outcome for the better outcome if needed. I am very real.
I take performing a psychic reading very seriously.
My clients are my family and I willl always treat you as such.

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Love And Light To All
Psychic Andrew
"The Romance Psychic"

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