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original romance psychic

The Romance Psychic


When is a dream just a dream made up of fragments of your
subconscious or when is a dream a glimpse of your future or someone
trying to communicate with you that you have a connection to.
Is the dream maybe from someone who has passed
over to the other side, or is it even more than just that.
What happens when you dream? Do you wake up in the
same world as you fell asleep in?, did you wake up in a
slightly different world that has changed or is maybe multi dimensional?
Yes I have studied and learned about dreams
and what they mean for many years of my life.

This is something that I do not always mention to my
clients because most or many call me for my clairvoyant
to clearly see what the other person is thinking and feeling and
what is ahead for you based on your current path.

Dreams and the interpretation of dreams, are very important.
For those of you who have
read and/or used my"Spiritual Focus" lessons you know that they are
done while you are falling asleep and while you are dreaming.
It uses the different stages of your brain waves which
change when you sleep. Gamma, Theta, Delta.
R.E.M Dreams. Called Rapid Eye Movement.

Our brains our mind can do so much, it is so powerful.
You can receive so much, and, yes transmit so much.
A dream is very important. Even what I call and others
refer to as Lucid Dreaming is more than just
fragmented subconscious thoughts,
you really are in control of those lucid dreams and
really are out of your body at time.

Do you get scared of this type of dream
Do not get scared, open your mind. It is all there in
front of you. When you have a dream that seems to be
more than just a dream, or you want to know what it
meant or if it was it a communication, or was it a
premonition, a glimpse of your future, your past even,
then please call me.

I am extremely good at interpreting dreams,
telling you how to get back to those dreams,
stay in dream state, get into dream state, just do
not ignore these dreams especially if they are very strong dreams.
Is it about another, find out who, what, or why
you are having these dreams. I can help you with this
in a way that you can understand. I am much more than
just a romance psychic, yes I am good at that because
using my gifts along with the fact that I am a
male psychic and can interpret things better
for you is a good thing,
but my abilities, beliefs, and knowledge go much
farther than that, so much farther.
Learn how you can make dreams work for you,
learn how to help heal yourself both physically
and spiritually. I am and always will be here for you.
I can help you understand the things that are happening
to you and why. You will be very surprised when you
realize the power that each of us has inside us.



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Love And Light To All
Psychic Andrew
"The Romance Psychic"

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