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original romance psychic

The Romance Psychic


I want to give you some of my qualifications and tips for you to use
in order to get the best psychic reading possible from me.
First let me say I have been doing psychic readings for over 30 years, many of them
in person and for some very high profile people. I am a 3rd generation
psychic - clairvoyant
, following in my mothers and my grandmothers footsteps.
I started making myself available via phone and chat about 5 years ago
so that I can help more people. Helping people is what I do
I have some of the best ratings and reviews of any psychic  and you
can see and read some of those on my psychic testimonials page.

Psychic Andrew

Although I am known as "The Romance Psychic" I read under my
real name Andrew or Psychic Andrew.
Being a male clairvoyant gives me a unique advantage when reading
the thoughts, feelings and intentions of other men you may be asking about.
It allows me as a man to better understand what I am reading as well as
being able to interpret those thoughts and feelings and if you are a women
convey those thoughts, feelings and intention to you in a way that you can understand.

Men and women have different feeling sets, read differently than women.
This also gives you the advantage of having a male psychic's point of view
when asking for solutions to fix any problems or issues you may be having in
your relationships, marriages, or romances. Many of my clients feel this is a major
 advantage when getting a psychic reading from me. I help you make things better.

I really only need a name and a question to start your psychic reading,
however the more you tell me about your circumstance the better I can read you,
faster I can get you the answers you want and the solutions you need.
I am one of the most honest psychic's you will ever come across.
I do not tell stories or make things up. I am 100% honest.
Some of my clients say that I am honest to the point of blunt, but believe me
when I say to you I read with the utmost compassion and am non judgmental.
I consider every single one of my clients my family and will treat you as such.

To save us both time and you money please read my warning below

WARNING: I am 100% honest in alll my psychic readings. If I do
not see something I will tell you that. I do not sugar coat or tell
fairy-tale stories. If you are looking for a good story for the moment or just
 have to hear what you want to hear than I may not be the psychic for you.
If you are looking for the truth, real answers, real predictions, and real solutions
than you have found your psychic. I will not let you down.

Please feel free to be very candor with your situation, you can say anything
to me, I actually would appreciate that. It will also get you the best
results in your psychic reading from me. I am your psychic.

I provide unlimited free email follow ups. I send plenty of free minutes.
Regular callers receive discount rates and many extras included but not
limited to my "Spiritual Focus" lessons and many writings and extra spiritual
help you may need to help make your situation better if needed.
I look very forward to providing the very best psychic readings possible.

If You Would Like A Psychic  Reading Now Just Click Here
Or Continue Reading More About Me And My Psychic Readings
By Using The Menu On The Left. I Promise You Will Be Amazed

Love And Light To All
Psychic Andrew
"The Romance Psychic"

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